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What are SKIN TAGS and what causes SKIN TAGS.


DIAGNOSIS Skin Tags - Is it a skin tag?

TYPES of Skin Tags.

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What are the types of skin tags?

There are three main types of common skin tags that you may want to know about: Cutaneous skin tags; genital skin tags and; anal skin tags.

Essentially, each of these types of skin tags are all the same, it's just how and where the skin tags grow that can make them a bit different, a bit unique.

There are also warts, moles and molluscum that can sometimes be confused with skin tags.


Cutaneous skin tags

Cutaneous skin tags are usually painless and do not grow or change in appearance.

However, these skin tags may be irritated from rubbing by clothing, since they are most commonly located in skin folds on the neck, axillae, under the breast, etc.


Genital skin tags

Genital skin tags appear in the genital area in both males and females - the older you are the more likely you you are to develop genital skin tags. Although rare in children, skin tags of the genitals can still grow.

Males will often develop skin tags in the groin creases.

Genital skin tags tend to be more prominent on men who are sexually active, leading one to believe that friction may contribute to skin tags growing. Male genital skin tags are more likely to be found in the creases of the groin area, unlikely on the penis shaft as such.


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In women genital skin tags are found in the vagina, most often in the outer labia (lip).

Some women develop vaginal skin tags after childbirth.

Women who have vaginal skin tags usually find that the tags increase in size during menstruation (similar to hemorrhoids). After menstruation, the tags will once again decrease to a more normal size. This illustrates the impact of hormones on skin tag growth.

Genital skin tags may become irritated because the genitalia are always covered with some type of clothing. For some women, vaginal skin tags become irritated by the friction during sexual intercourse. Luckily, it is a fairly simple procedure to have these skin tags removed. You and your doctor can determine which option is best to have these skin tags removed painlessly and permanently.

Skin tags, even though they may be occuring on the genitals, cannot be passed on through sexual intercourse.


Anal skin tags

Anal skin tags are a little different than the other genital skin tags in that they are usually associated with other anorectal disorders or problems and may develop as a result of a hemorrhoid or an anal fissure. Anal Skin tags may well be an indicator of a more serious ailment known as Crohn’s disease that needs immediate medical attention.

In addition cleanliness can be a problem with anal skin tags as fecal debris may become trapped under the tag.

Sometimes anal tags may itch or be painful. If you have anal skin tags, then you have the problem of first treating the skin tags themselves by removal and secondly treating whatever condition is causing the skin tags to occur in the first place.

Anal skin tags have absolutely nothing to do with anal intercourse or sexually transmitted diseases.


Skin Tags in Summary

So, skin tags can occur almost anywhere on the body, but, they most likely grow where there is friction, such as by clothes rubbing, or in the creases of the skin, presumably due to friction or pressure there.

Whether they are anal skin tags, genital skin tags or cutaneous skin tags, they are essentially harmless, but they may themselves be symptoms of another disease process in the body, which one may benefit from being checked out for.

Skin tags are genereally easy to remove, but this is more undertaken for cosmetic reasons



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